Strategic marketing planning and execution to adjust market positioning of a SaaS content publishing company. Working on all 4Ps: positioning, product, promotion and pricing.


The digital content publishing and enterprise apps market has been transforming rapidly with a growing number of competitors, new client demands, changes in reading habits and new attitudes about how to present critical business content and mobile apps.

Global Digital Content Market 2019-2023

Rakuten Aquafadas (rebranded to Rakuten DX in November 2020) to is a software company a creator of an innovative digital content publishing solution aimed at large businesses wanting to provide rich content experience on mobile devices. As one of the pioneers in the market they needed to develop its product, positioning and pricing based on fresh and focused market insights.


Working as a Head of Marcomms, a member of senior management, in collaboration with a Head of Product and other interdisciplinary teams, I was in charge of:

  • Market landscape review designed to uncover white spaces and future trends and market shifts.
  • Market benchmarking to analyse our competitors’ situation and new initiatives and product, pricing and messaging development.
  • Interdisciplinary market intelligence process created for internal use.
  • Product positioning to align with our target audience’s needs and appeal to business decision makers.
  • Promotional activities to announce and advertise new product futures.
  • Initial research and knowledge gathering to prepare a new pricing strategy.
  • SWOT analysis from the marketing perspective.