First ever social media campaign for Royal Mail in the UK working with influencers and vloggers to drive love for written letters amongst young audiences. Combining online and offline experiences: power of live video with direct mail.


How do you get teens in five continents to fall in love with the love letter? By reframing mail for a new digital decade in the 21st century. By making it SOCIAL.

Royal Mail is a postal and courier service in the UK. They were faced with a falling number of letters and they realised that their future customers – young people – don’t value the mail. Many of them have actually never written a letter and didn’t know how to do it! Royal Mail’s brief to Proximity London was to make youth love writing letters (again).



Working as an Account Director at Proximity London, with strategist and creative teams, we decided to approach the youth audience via social channels using the voice of influencers and a direct mail. That’s how the online LOLxperiment has started.

Collaborating with a vlogger Myles Dyer, we reached out to young people via a series of live videos on his YouTube channel urging them to write letters. We also sent secret letter writing kits with paper, envelopes and even suggestions how to write a love letter to social influencers, in a countdown to Valentine’s Day. And we promised that every single letter will be read on the 14th February during a live video programme.

  • We received hundreds and hundreds of letters.
  • It look 7 hours to read them all during Valentine’s Day evening.
  • Live broadcast watched by over 50,000 young people across the world!
  • Our campaign has been featured in many industry magazines and awarded with a DMA award.
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