Visual brand identityvideo assets, website and social media. Created with young people for young people following a series of insights workshops (co-creation design methodology based on youth insights).


How do you encourage young people to apply for apprenticeships? By co-creating with them a vibrant ‘Start Here’ visual identity and digital platform!

Ingeus is a skills development company in the UK running apprenticeship programmes for young people. They realised that their corporate website and messaging were not cutting through to the youth. Their brief to Livity was to create appealing branding and an apprenticeship website that would engage the young audience.


Based on the co-creation principles of the Livity methodology, working as a Digital Account Director at Livity, we engaged with young people from the start. We collaborated with young professionals based in our office creating initial logo and look and feel mock ups. We then took them to north of England where we tested and developed them further with various groups of target audience during co-creation workshops.

We came up with the following elements:

  • Name and logo for a new identity: Start Here Ingeus.
  • Separate website Start Here with sign up form, video ‘real stories’ of successful apprentices and an infographic with easy to digest facts and stats to appeal to young people.
  • Series of ‘real stories’ videos.
  • Social media content, strategy and management for the initial launch period.
Start Here